About Us

As a congregation of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church denomination, we are part of a long and rich history. Being Presbyterian means we are not inventing new beliefs as we go along. Though we will always be learning and growing, we have deep roots in our beliefs. We adhere to the Westminster Confession of Faith and Larger and Shorter Catechisms as our doctrinal standards. You can read them here.

Our doctrinal standards are not only statements of what we believe about God, but shape the way we approach ministry in his name. From the bible we understand that God has commissioned the church to glorify God and build his kingdom by reaching people for Christ and equipping them to serve him, through lives marked by:

  • Worship of the triune God
  • Growth in Grace through the Means of Grace
  • Fellowship and Service
  • Evangelism and Missions
  • Biblical World and Life View

Also, to be Presbyterian is to be connected spiritually and organizationally to other churches of our denomination. We are not autonomous. We have accountability at both a regional level (Presbytery) and a national level (General Synod). It also means we cooperate in ministry with one another.

Wedding Policy

We get many requests for the use of our sanctuary; because all couples must complete counseling with our pastor before getting married at RPC, we require that either the bride or groom be a member in good standing or the child of a member here in our church.

We are a congregation in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church pastored by Matt Lucas.