Our Purpose:

The purpose of the Men’s Ministry at RPC is expressed in Colossians 1:28.

“That we may present every man complete in Christ.” (NASB)

What does it mean to be a man who is “complete in Christ”? The word “complete” (also translated “perfect” or “mature”) refers to the fact that God will bring to completion his work of transforming us into the image of Christ by the power of his grace. The goal of God’s saving work in our lives is that we would be “conformed to the image of his Son” (Romans 8:29). Therefore, to be men who are complete in Christ means that we are Christ-like men, possessing a holy masculinity. This process won’t be finished in this life, but by God’s grace we seek to grow toward the image of his Son.

Our Goals:

1. To define biblical manhood according to God in the Bible.

We believe that God alone knows what authentic manhood is. Therefore, we want to teach and discuss what the Bible says about being a man.

2. To encourage strong relationships among men of all ages.

We believe that strong and encouraging friendships among men are the vital context for learning and experiencing masculinity. In other words, men learn from other men what it means to be a man. While men in our culture have many surface relationships of little substance, we are praying that God will bind us together as men who love, serve, study, pray for, encourage, and hold one another accountable.

3. To equip men to live for Christ in all of their various callings.

We believe that God has called men to serve him in various capacities in life, primarily in the areas of family, church, work, and community. Therefore, we want to think together about how we can be faithful men in all of life.

4. To equip men to minister to other men and boys.

We believe that God desires to equip all of us to intentionally invest ourselves into the lives of others for the sake of seeing Christ formed in them. We are to build other men up in the faith, including the next generation of young men. Proverbs 27:17 says, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” Therefore, we seek to equip godly men who will intentionally seek out opportunities to help other men develop their relationship with Christ.

Our Organization:

The Men’s Ministry functions under the authority of the Session. Study materials and leaders for Men’s Discipleship Groups must be approved by the Session, as well as all events.

Men’s Discipleship Groups – These groups are the main focus of the Men’s Ministry. They will be organized to accomplish the goals listed above.

  • Consist of 6-8 men per group, in order to develop relationships of trust
  • High commitment level for attendance and participation
  • 2 leaders: 1) Leader – facilitates discussion of the study and 2) Organizer – plans logistics for the meetings (also may facilitate discussion in the event that the leader is unavailable)
  • Meet no less than monthly for bible study, sharing and encouragement, and prayer. Weekly meetings are optimal, but the frequency will be determined by each group.
  • 1 hour time limit for each meeting
  • Each group meets for a set number of weeks, after which there will be a break before starting again.

Special Events throughout the year. Some possible events are:

  • Annual men’s retreat – to grow together in Christ as men
  • Fellowship/recreation times – to build godly friendships among men
  • Gatherings for men and boys – to draw boys into manhood by the community of men modeling the Christian life and passing on the faith
  • Service opportunity – to show the love of Christ by laboring side-by-side for the kingdom of God

Our Leadership:

• Discipleship Group Leaders & Organizers
• Event Coordinator(s) – several men to plan events according to the categories above

Men’s Breakfast Fellowship:

Men’s Breakfast Fellowship meets the 2nd & 4th Saturday’s of the month at Mike’s on Main in “the upper room”. Our current Bible study is the book of Daniel by John H. Piersma.

We are a congregation in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church pastored by Matt Lucas.